XII European Meeting
on Glial Cells in Health and Disease
Bilbao | July 15 - 18, 2015

Plenary Hall of Euskalduna Conference Center

| Scientific Program |

The scientific program will cover all areas of glial cell research and will comprise three major components:

  • Plenary lectures from international keynote speakers
  • Symposia and technical workshops covering all topics in glial cell research
  • Extended poster sessions
  • Workshops on Wednesday

Final program booklet (PDF)

Online program with abstracts

Program Planner

Abstracts (Supplement to Glia, Volume 63, Issue Supplement S1)

In addition, an introductory course on glial cell biology will be held the day before the start of the meeting.

Program introductory course on glial biology (Tuesday, July 14, 2015)

| Plenary Speakers |

  • Charles ffrench-Constant (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Maiken Nedergaard (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Stéphane H. R. Oliet (Bordeaux, France)
  • Richard M. Ransohoff (Cambridge, USA)
  • Bruce R. Ransom (Seattle, USA)
  • Mikael Simons (Göttingen, Germany)
  • Beth Stevens (Boston, USA)


| Technical Workshops |

1. Beyond cell culture: Modern techniques to study microglia
Knut Biber (Freiburg, Germany)
2. Manipulation and visualization of physiological
and pathophysiological functions of glia.
(The Japanese-Europe Glial Workshop)
Schuichi Koizumi (Yamanashi, Japan) and Alexej Verkhratsky (Manchester, UK)


| Symposia |

S1: Microglia-mediated control of postnatal brain development
Shigeo Okabe (Tokyo, Japan)

S2:  Elucidating influence of neuronal activity on CNS myelination
David Lyons (Edinburgh, UK) and Ragnhildur Karadottir (Cambridge, UK)

S3: Astrocyte gliotransmission, volume signalling and water homeostasis
Robert Zorec (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Vladimir Parpura (Birmingham, UK)

S4: Schwann cell-axon interaction controls peripheral nerve development and disease
Stefano Previtali (Milan, Italy) and Laura Feltri (Buffalo, USA)

S5: Systematic approaches to glia
Aurora Pujol (Barcelona and Spain) and Hauke Werner (Göttingen, Germany)

S6: Microglial dynamics in the healthy and diseased brain
Diego Gomez-Nicola (Southampton, UK) and Marco Prinz (Freiburg, Germany)

S7: Oligodendrocyte differentiation in development and pathology     
Teresa Wood (Newark, USA)

S8: Role of glial cells in rare diseases
Paola Bezzi (Lausanne, Switzerland) and Daniela Rossi (Pavia, Italy)

S9: Chromatin remodeling in myelin development and nerve regeneration
Claire Jacob (Fribourg, Switzerland) and Hugo Cabedo (San Juan de Alicante, Spain)

S10: Developmental signaling mechanisms in gliogenesis
Benedikt Berninger (Mainz, Germany) and Ismael Galve-Roperh (Madrid, Spain)

S11: Neurons and microglia: bidirectional communication in health and diseases
Marie-Ève Tremblay (Quebec, Canada)

S12: Immunity and remyelination
Robin Franklin (Cambridge, UK) and Veronique Miron (Edinburgh, UK)

S13: Paradigm shift in astrocyte calcium signalling
Alexey Semyanov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

S14: The role of glial cells in peripheral neuropathy
Wendy Campana (La Jolla, USA)

S15: Epigenetics shapes glial functions in health and disease
Bozena Kaminska (Warsaw, Poland) and Jonathan Kipnis (Charlottesville, USA)

S16: Role of microglial cells in the control of t-cell responses whithin the CNS
Beatriz Almolda (Barcelona, Spain) and Monica Carson (Riverside, USA)

S17: Transcriptional regulation of oligodendrogenesis during myelination and remyelination
Carlos Parras (Paris, France) and Ben Emery (Melbourne, Australia)

S18: Astrocyte metabolic reprogramming by oxygen and energy-dependent pathways: impact on neuronal survival
Juan P. Bolanos (Spain, Salamanca) and Luc Pellerin (Lausanne, Switzerland)

S19: Tanycytes - a heterogeneous ependymo-glial cell population with diverse functions in the brain
Mohammad K.Hajihosseini (Norwich, UK) and Nicholas Dale (Coventry, UK)

S20: Early glial cell changes in brain degenerative diseases
Anne-Marie Van Dam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and Dan Frenkel (Tel Aviv, Israel)

S21: The astrocyte-microglial cell nexus
Iain Campbell (Sydney, Australia) and Bernardo Castellano (Barcelona, Spain)

S22: Molecular and cellular changes in CNS myelinating glia during demyelination and remyelination
Domna Karagogeos (Heraklion, Greece) and Kleopas A. Kleopa (Nicosia, Cyprus)

S23: Astroglial connexins in brain functions and pathologies involving neuro-glio-vascular interactions
Christian Giaume (Paris, France) and Arantxa Tabernero (Salamanca, Spain)

S24: Schwann cell biology of CMT neuropathies
Alessandra Bolino (Milan, Italy) and Michael W.Sereda (Göttingen, Germany)

S25: Glial heterogeneity and reprogrammability
Gong Chen (Pennsylvania University Park, USA) and Sergio Gascon (Munich)

S26: Nuclear receptors in CNS inflammation, demyelination and repair
Jerome Hendriks (Diepenbeek, Belgien) and Jan-Åke Gustafsson (Houston, USA)

S27: Oligodendrocyte metabolism and global brain health: a forgotten story back in the spotlight
Robert Skoff (Detroit, USA)

S28: Aging-related changes and their effects on astrocytes in the healthy and damaged CNS
Swetlana Sirko (Munich, Germany) and Elly Hol (Utrecht, Netherlands)

S29: Enteric glia: novel roles in enteric neural circuitry and gut pathophysiology
Keith Sharkey (Calgary, Canada) and Vassilis Pachnis (London, UK)

S30: A disrupted gliogenic/neurogenic equilibrium is essential for the injury response of adult neural stem cells
Juan Manuel Encinas (Zamudio, Spain) and Amelia Eisch (Dallas, USA)


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